Debunking 3 Health and Fitness Theories (Which Are Only Conspiracies)

Health and fitness go side by side. There are many theories that need to be exposed in order to either stop practicing on them or start doing more and more research with a view to reach a conclusion and add some benefit to our lifestyles.

1. Vaccines cause autism

It is believed that vaccinations that we give to our children for the first five years of our lives cause autism-related symptoms. The anti-vaccine theories date back to as long as the vaccination have been started. A very prominent link between vaccination and autism was first established by a British doctor named Andrew Wakefield. He published a study in which he assessed twelve children who were given a vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella commonly known as MMR vaccine. The study suggested a link between autism and vaccination however it failed to give any causal relationship between the two. The study overlooked any potential causes for autism-related symptoms.

Later on, numerous studies were conducted, but no evidence was found that related autism with vaccination. Walkfield and his team were later panelized for doing fraud. There are still a number of anti-vaccinations campaigns running across the world despite the fact that the public health officials, medical organizations, and scientist have clearly spoken against the anti-vaccination campaigns and also about the dangers it can cause.

2. Avoid Fats As They Are Bad For Health 

There has been a significant fight going on against fat since the 20th century when the heart diseases were on its rise. During this time, a physiologist named John Yudkin hypothesized that sugar might be the cause for this rise in heart conditions. His hypothesis was considered as a joke by several well-known nutritionists of that time. Studies were conducted, and sugar became the primary interest of physicians, researchers, and nutritionists. Thus, many guidelines along with food products suggested that dietary fat should be omitted from our diets as this is the main culprit for causing high cholesterol, stroke, obesity and heart diseases. Food companies started to use labels such as fat-free and low-fat to sell their products. But after years of research, it has now been found out that sugar is the leading cause of heart diseases, and thus scientists now say that eating too much sugar increases one’s risk of falling prey to the heart diseases.

3. Can Exercise Without Proper Diet Help You Lose Weight?

For as long as three decades a balanced diet and exercise have been a proven formula for weight loss. However recently a team of researchers working on obesity tried to question whether exercise really helps in weight loss. They found out that while exercise many help you prevent from developing chronic health conditions it cannot outrun bad dietary habits.

While their research was very much criticized for that fact that exercise has its own benefits staying active is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. This is why more research needs to be conducted in this regard.