Care For Your Eyes Too!

Eyes speak for you, and they get your emotions across even when you can’t do it through words. People call eyes as the most beautiful facial feature of any person, especially girls. Whether big, small, colored or black, if we take care of our eyes then they will surely look pretty because eyes have this natural attraction that is same for every person.

This article is going to talk about few tips that will help you maintain the natural beauty of your eyes and even enhance it.

Keep them moisturized

People usually think that only face and hands need moisture but that’s not true, eyes too need the exact amount of moisture. Eyes, in fact, are a sensitive area of your skin and you should be careful that you apply some kind of lotion or cream gently around that are and on the eyelids to keep them hydrated. If you want to do some eye makeup, then make sure to first moisturize it.

Stay bright

Eyes get really tired, and that shows visibly in the form of dark circles and puffy eyes. You should use an eye brightener because that works like caffeine because it gives an instant boost to the eyes and makes them all fresh.  Girls apply this beauty balm on the under eyes as it helps to reduce the puffiness and dark circles.

Pump it up!

We think it is only the body that needs those toning workouts but the face needs exactly the same. Before putting any makeup or cover up, you should try to do this little exercise that will help to lift your brows and make that area wide. All you have to do is place your three top fingers under your brows and circulate slowly for like 20 times, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Afterward, when you start with your eye makeup make sure to keep these tips in mind:

Cover up

Always go for a good concealer because that is going to help you cover all your dark circles and give your eyes a brightening effect. Apply the concealer after you have applied your regular foundation.

Find the right color

When you choose an eye color, make sure that it doesn’t match your actual eye color that much. But if you have got brown eyes then you are lucky because all colors will suit and complement you. For the rest, they should all check the color against their eyes and then apply.

Get smoky

If you for a little bronze color and use it to create that shadowy and smoky effect then that would be a good choice because it gives a natural yet attractive look for all eyes.

Widen your eyes

Many people think that mascara isn’t that important and due to this they just quickly apply it. Mascara actually has the power to make your eyes look wide if you apply it the right way. You need to start from the bottom of the lash and move up in a zigzag motion.